Source: Chinese Swimming Club

Chinese Swimming Club Secures 30-Year Lease Renewal for Amber Road Sports Complex

The Chinese Swimming Club (CSC) has successfully secured a 30-year lease renewal for its sports complex located at Amber Road. The renewal, achieved after four years of negotiations with the authorities, was entirely funded by the club’s reserves.

The announcement follows recent news about the Raffles Town Club‘s land being slated for residential development upon the expiration of its lease in October 2026. In contrast, the CSC’s lease renewal reflects a positive outcome, considering the general practice of not renewing leases when the government has future plans for the site.

Founded in 1905, the CSC has played a significant role in nurturing top national sports champions in Singapore. Huttons’ Senior Director of Data Analytics, Lee Sze Teck, suggests that the club’s contributions to sports and alignment with national efforts in digitization and environmental, social, and corporate governance likely contributed to the favorable lease extension.

The original expiry date for the state land hosting the club’s sports complex was October 2031, as indicated in an earlier notice on CSC’s website. The sports complex occupies 60% of the club’s total land area, featuring swimming pools, badminton courts, and a bowling alley.

With the 30-year extension, the club will surrender the remaining eight years of the existing lease and accept a fresh 30-year lease from the Singapore Land Authority. CSC President Victor Chia emphasized that the renewed lease provides the club with long-term visibility and facilitates progress toward its vision of being a “home away from home.” The club aims to evolve and adapt to members’ changing work and lifestyle habits, now empowered by the renewed lease.

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