Kembangan MRT Future Land Plot for Residential Use

Proposed Residential Development Near Kembangan MRT Station

A residential development is proposed near Kembangan MRT Station, and analysts suggest that the prime location and high value make it more likely to be condominiums. If it were to be HDB flats (public housing), it could be classified as premium HDB flats due to the prime location.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) recently announced revisions to the MasterPlan 2019, designating a plot of land near Kembangan MRT Station for a residential project. The land use is changed from residential with commercial on the first floor to pure residential, and the gross plot ratio is increased from 2.5 to 3.2. For residential developments with a gross plot ratio exceeding 2.8, the building, whether HDB flats or condominiums, can exceed 36 floors.

The approximately 1.65-hectare site, currently a soccer field, is situated north of Kampong Kembangan Community Club. The triangular plot where the club is located is also rezoned for park use. The fate of the community club and soccer field regarding retention or redevelopment remains unclear.

The URA stated that the proposed revisions to the Master Plan are for an upcoming residential project, including a new neighborhood park, commercial, and entertainment facilities. The area’s facilities and transportation hub are expected to benefit future residents.

Analysts suggest that due to the predominance of private residences in the vicinity, it is more likely that condominiums will be developed. The site is in the 14th postal district, near the East-West Line MRT station, offering convenient access to the city center and Bedok Mall.

The last residential developments in Kembangan were Kembangan Gardens HDB flats built in 1989. Analysts believe that if HDB flats were to be developed, there could be demand, especially from couples with parents residing in nearby landed properties or the Bedok town.

Market analysts estimate that if it is developed into condominiums, around 740 units could be built. If developed as a Build-To-Order (BTO) HDB project, it could have approximately 560 to 600 units, depending on the flat types.

However, questions remain unanswered, including whether the community club will be demolished and if so, where a new one will be established to serve Kembangan residents. Additionally, the absence of retail spaces for daily needs near Kembangan Plaza could pose a challenge for residents if the land is rezoned for purely residential use.


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